None Mercy

God, there was such pain



The love of a lifetime toppling as the city wall

A series of shofar blasts heralding not justice and courage, but cruelty those years

These years, I tilt my head hoping to drain the ringing and echoing from these ears

All an image or impression away — the mountains, the oceans, and desert sands steal me back

Or a wedding song

A life that escapes me, a pain impossible to escape

Love Mercy

This hurts you,
I have decided to speak, nonetheless
‘tho I don’t use words such as “nonetheless”
Nonetheless, I will speak
I love you
Your vast imagination
Your eyes that refuse hopelessness
Your damn, smart ways
Your walk -I hear the music too
Something epic
You are

Some lifetime, somewhere
Someone was
Something in me now, is
Pray for me
I am tired 
But I won’t sleep
I’m a fighter 
But I choose love 
You understand me?
Tell me you understand
I don’t love you 


To tip-toe eternal I am able
Though are you not bored with this gentle dance
Have you not tired of the dusty curtain calls
Or watched enough of me in the wings
Can I not come crashing through
And at your feet petition truth
I recall tenderness I could not have imagined
I pray and I trust you are warm with mercy
Where have I spent these years
Will the rest be so cold