Do you think back on which days were warm
It was eternally morning
No clock messing with you
11:11am, all the time
Arms overhead
Clear head

What’s with all the ice, now, too early to the party
All the shutdowns
All roads some surprise mess
5:55pm, and always grey
Sunrise, where are you
Please rise

Come Away

The wide world and it’s watery chops

Making messes unprecedented
Burping and belching and barking for relief

What understanding might we gain if we come alongside
Think as heathens
Take what is ours
And so come away empty

So empty


For it is with the deepest pride I make a mess of things

I stink up the kitchen most fierce and pull out all the stops

Innocent ingredients -seemingly so- I’d have to say

Or at least to some they’d be, depending upon one’s appetite

I do this with delight, sometime near sundown each day

All to keep the Vampire away

Judge Not

And all over the place
What a mess you’ve to clean
Yet there down at My feet
On the ground
Dirtying your white with the bloody, brokenness of my heart 
You are
Picking carefully up, dutifully up
Each piece, one after the next
Defending me against the mess
I’ve allowed
Asking me against my better judgement
That I always allow
That I forever leave
My heart
And all over the place