Still Be

Stepped outside
It’s still enough
To allow me
My fragility

Impatiens still patient
Street lights still willing
At this hour
This darker season
Giving to me

Calm in my craze
Righted in this firmament
Glad for Sun and for Moon


That might just as well be the moon, there at the end of these miles

You, sending out SOS love signals, hoping I’ll find your gaze

I, the Major of some spacecraft crashed light years away

Will all this only be an imagined adventure, two souls, starstruck

Not Enough Miles Away


I, having opted instead for distraction
Skipped the moon crawling across the sky
For, if not for wishes
What’s the moon for

I, having once been the one
Wishes felled from her lips
A woman of goodness asking of gods
Who hoarded her pleadings

I, having looked away now, see
Their entertainment satisfied
By the light of the moon
Just another satellite

I, The Tide

The Sun at dawn’s the sweetest host
Accepting my awe
Suffering my concerns
As she greets the calling shorebirds
Who are rushing to embrace her light

“He moves me, the Moon.”
I say, sipping at the sand
“He passes through on purpose and will not stop to speak, though I ask.”
I murmur, half-wishing I could be cured of the gravity in the light he reflects

“I’ve seen his sparkle on you.”
She smiles
“I know my friend well, for we’ve played that way from the beginning of time.”
Warming me now, she comforts
“Touch today as you will and fret none. I suspect he’s just shy.”