End it
For, you are forever
Beginning now

Why now
When you’ve walked with skill
With no

Cast it
Far out to wretched sea
Receive, then


I had a Dream
I persecuted him
I cross-examined him
Until the scales of justice shone into my eyes
Then came dawn
I looked and saw his name
Rey, a prince of light
I spared his life

I was a dream
Pursued by him
He bided his time
My green eyes and my green dress stole his sanity
Then we danced
He jumped and took my hand
It was the city lights
He saved my life


The happenstance plan
Under the stars and string lights
With the city beat-beating below
It was only some dream

The welcome interruption
For once, a green dress and escape
Whispers in Spanish, not saying no 
It was a safe, motorcycled yarn

Sleek Retro Racers

If I were a motorcycle
I’d not wear a radio
Music to me matters too much

I would hope my handler
Would hold fast to my handlebars
She’d perfect my growl, I’d protect her glee

We’d wander where the warm days
Roar quiet into forked roads 
Riding together, torque and leather