I snowball you
You’d thought, just a tiny, white match….
A good, quick fight ‘fore you made your way home
As the avalanche of me comes along´┐╝´┐╝
My wayfaring crystalline purifies you
Where now is your old arsenal
Your well-groomed trail?
Replaced by my black-diamond touch


A resounding “Atta Girl!”
He proclaimed today
Looking East from the mountains
He saw I’d be okay

In his Rocky Mountain drawl
He quothed from afar
Calling out to let me know
He saw a still rock star

Original Thought Credit: “So What” A song by Pink

Sunshine Peak

Once a mountain there was
And a woman most worthy
As any woman is

Taking aim, then falling away
With purposeful looking
Set sight on a different mountain

On being a different woman
And she is allowed
As any woman is


Absolutely as a mountain

Vast, ancient, complex

Unexplored by my eyes


Climb, I, your climate zones

Your staid steadies my feet

How am I to take nothing

This all you wish to give

Inhale a meditative Love

Exhale acceptance, heart

Come away untouched


Signal Mountain Road

Make your way, you, into my night-thoughts, bandying about

Thrashing within my yesterdays, my tonights

An eternal terrorist, it would seem, with no new tactics

Age old, you’re old, I’m getting old and have had enough

I will tell you this, though you will not hear: I am more

More than this, more than us, more than you can handle

The proof is how it took forever for you and that you’re still trying

I’m still here, greater than any sum -look how you are less