You, Pontiac boy
Ever-beaconing muscle-car radio
Oldies songs all the way
Turned up

I, Chevy girl
Ever-grasping the volume knob
Ripped it off, tossed it out
My window

Pictured us
Forever grooving, reminiscing
Life-long love song
We’d drive

Dream Car

In case you’re not mine
Or time steals you from me
I’ll say now what I know I’d say then
My god you are hot
With your grey and red lines 
And the virtues still black on your skin

That muscle back there 
Makes me wild like back then
Still a classic -your drawl and your pen
Oh the years and the day trips
Fast curves and near misses
And the danger again and again

I hope that you’ll find 
That I made the right choice 
That no restoration was needed
We ride fine me ‘n you and our rockin’ pit crew
Be damned rules of the road never heeded