Ev’ry step a mystery

Sometimes not the pretty type, but just a bloody mess

We each walk the same road, trying our utmost

And whether witness, victim, detective or criminal

We’re left watching, or seeking retribution, a solution or redemption


Oft’ to no avail

But So

Blond BMX brat
I wrote him a mystery
The first boy I went crazy for 
I don’t know what for

Day after day did I watch 
From my window 
My letter in his hands
I wonder what I said

Perhaps it was just my gesture
Each day he pedaled faster
I heard him finally take a guess
He had hope in his voice, or disbelief

Like To Sing

I’ll ever have hope
I see what that makes me 
Looking through these eyes I’m giv’n

It means I can’t reject magic or
Dismiss mystery in 
People surrounding me

It makes me forever 
A prisoner tucked quietly in
Grey rooms watching the wind

I am eyes poised ahead
Seeing all that makes me
I’ll ever have hope