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Say something here and now to my writer’s eyes and heart. Tell me something mystical or bizarre about yourself. Share anything that will be cathartic for you, or will blow my mind. Enlighten me.

Post your own most favorite photo or other personal work of art.

Write a short story here, and I’ll collaborate and finish it with you.

Or, finish mine:

“Oh, how entirely good it is to be this aged age, having had all the conversations with all the different girls and women who I have been throughout these years! I know who I am, I know what I want, and I know what I am unwilling to do to achieve it. The beautiful mystery that remains is this: What magic-like means are out there in the world that I may take in order to manifest what I want?”

Little Light

Ought I bake a cake with this
One I whip up on the fly
A pretty thing to be consumed

Do I don the corduroy
Deep thinking, feigned or actual
With elbows patched so scholarly

Shall I sit alone with this
As ancient wisdom would advise
Perhaps eternally, but seek

Or will I simply walk with you
In sweet-smart cameraderie
Joining hands from East to West

The Original Roosevelt

Crumbs on the wooden floor
And I am too
Not crumbs…but on the wooden floor
Although, I am fragmented, as are crumbs
Coming from something whole,
Valued and desired
Then suddenly, maybe violently so, not seeming
As whole

Here on the wooden floor, my knees hurt
My heart hurts
Because the world hurts
But I’m reminded that the world
Much like this wooden floor
Of Bull Moose bungalow-era origin,
Is resilient
As Hell

Mystic Brew

Only, only softness come ’round my shoulders today
Yesteryear’s harsh caress wiped clean
By a silly child’s clinging arms
The cinnamon purr of a warm West Wind
And Eastern kindness brewed just for me Mystically