Rings out year after forlorn year
From space, that sacred place
So I stay mourning

Yet, I send signals
Probes, seeking life
To every corner
This curious heart and mind must

I know it’s name, oh, but it’s heart
Darkened for what reason
‘Tis unknown to me


It would take ten thousand tyrants, a village of villains and one hell of a heartless hedonist

To tread where you trod

To do what you did

To throw away this


You’ll hear my name for you
Six Million words -each more true

I’ll wear out the L’s, for L words make me laugh
I’ll wield a skilled S as a sword or a staff

When I’ve tired of speaking, comes then Z, or close by
When all’s said and done, a new language have I


I cannot
Bring you back
Can I 
Breathe in you new life
With a breath all my own
How will I
Erase your pain
I will not

I shall not
Dishonor your story
Shall I
With my wish to the stars
Diminish your scars
How could I
Erase your name
I could not


I’ve a way
With the word of your name
Tends towards teasing
With serious style
Leaves my lips 
Rides on wind 
Lands like dust on your skin
Sounds like a Canadian smile