Tomorrow Leave

I asked you then, come away

From pretending
From costume parties

To remove the mask
To wear your name proud

The name borne of your mother’s heart
The name I called you as a child

Remember who you truly are
Remember what you deeply love

Creatures, cars, cooking, calm
Comfort in my crazy arms

Leave behind the aged bones
Leave to find your first true home

I ask you now, come away


Rings out year after forlorn year
From space, that sacred place
So I stay mourning

Yet, I send signals
Probes, seeking life
To every corner
This curious heart and mind must

I know it’s name, oh, but it’s heart
Darkened for what reason
‘Tis unknown to me


It would take ten thousand tyrants, a village of villains and one hell of a heartless hedonist

To tread where you trod

To do what you did

To throw away this


You’ll hear my name for you
Six Million words -each more true

I’ll wear out the L’s, for L words make me laugh
I’ll wield a skilled S as a sword or a staff

When I’ve tired of speaking, comes then Z, or close by
When all’s said and done, a new language have I


I cannot
Bring you back
Can I 
Breathe in you new life
With a breath all my own
How will I
Erase your pain
I will not

I shall not
Dishonor your story
Shall I
With my wish to the stars
Diminish your scars
How could I
Erase your name
I could not


I’ve a way
With the word of your name
Tends towards teasing
With serious style
Leaves my lips 
Rides on wind 
Lands like dust on your skin
Sounds like a Canadian smile