Sorry Love

Redeemed I am by you
In ways I’ll come to know
‘tho I am beginning to suspect
It will look like a deepening of my faith
In God
In man

Be redeemed my friend
Within each Precious breath
‘tho you’ve long since crossed that blessed bridge
It feels good, does it not, and so we
Say sorry
No more


Uncertainty, my enemy -it roams inside my ribs.

I wonder with deep-seated fear, just how will I do this?

Though morning maketh all things new, by eve’ I dance decrepit

It seems the voice inside my head desires me unaccepted


I have thrown after hope
That day might be anew

Under the microscope
Through the telescope
Yet not to the naked eye
Indeed it has
It is

Crisp, though unbleached
Comfortable, too
With a new song
In a language
I will struggle to learn, I will


He left 
To struggle then break free
To wail before the calm did come
To despair until all that was left is hope
To see my own cowering shadow rise up

To be dust, dust again, then be formed
To learn I knew nothing
He never left me alone

Half New

I saw me at midcentury
Wearing race car red
Was I alone
I do not know
A swing in my shortish skirt
A flip to my hair 
And sparkly Mediterranean eyes

Who’d dare trudge down,
Head first
With me
To the mystical waters
Just for a blessing 
Some rocks
And sandy feet