There was that night
An only slightly dimmed light

There was that song I sang to you –I believe you sang back– about being crazy ‘ bout you
An ode I’m inclined to replay over and over and over in my mind, in hopes that I’d grow tired

There was that us celebrating love
An honest Thanksgiving


Could there be more heav’nly sounds
More clear-cut answer to prayer
As these wondrous crickets’ songs
Bless the lonely air

Tear-stained girl, lovesick boy
“Keep the hope,” ’tis said
This night, they’ll keep you company
Their concert voids the dread

Night Crazies

I’ve seen the future
It’s waking up alone
A smart screen left-untouched
Too long
Stream now gone dark

You forsook that post-dusk walk
Too alone
But for that cat
Third one, now
Avoiding you politely
Crazy like the others

Dream Dreamer

Cascading stars

Not falling stars

Nor momentary shooting stars

Night fireflies

Not fly-by-nights

Nor echoes in the dead of night

Not half-attempts at anything

Nor abstract things

Just real things

Artist Credit: Tiger R.; at various ages


I fear the night knows I slink at its entrance, cowering quietly in its presence

I vacillate between prayer and submission, hysteria and acquiescence

I sleep fitfully, sporadically, the night sky screaming at me

I awake thirsting and alone, wanting back more than lost sleep


It strips me of power
And at arm’s length it bids me to wait
While it keeps me in too-clean shirtsleeves

But, does it not prove I have hope
And might it not be rocket fuel
What if it makes truth come true