The Bend

Was the water as fine a host as your story told? The global position as true? It has been some time, and I’ve navigated North somewhat, bring me back.

What shifting of the ground beneath your feet? What compromise refused? Oft’ the sands of time serve us, some act as cogs, and some as polish.

Seek with me a patient balance. Find the urgent, too. May it be our paths have merged, when this day ends, when ‘morrow comes.

I LiedĀ 

The battle is twofold
And feels insurmountable 

Truth comes from the North 
And appears as the enemy

Illness attacks at Dawn
And the signal is giv’n

At these intersections, I must choose
And I conclude, I’ll live to fight

Befriend the enemy 
And let it slay hope at Dawn


What could I give the stars
The diligent ones
That peek through the thicket 
And sometimes seek me from within 
Lest all I’d see is the film of clouds 

Would they want my voice 
Lighting the way
Guiding the underground
Calling on the sleepless
To look, to sing
Then reach and walk

Gaze North

Should the universe allow
I’d still not have the courage
To stand here next to you
And ask the winning vow
Would you Boy Of Summer
Strive hard not to suffer
The fools should they surround you
And fail not to pick up pen
My friend