Ocean Behind

Goodbye last chance to dance

Saved us

If only for a time
Some heartache
Where, were there a promise
Who’d have forgiven us?

Not us

I wish we’d have danced

Original Thought Credit: “Different Worlds,” Jes Hudak

See ThisĀ 

In the new of each day
In the impossibly early 
Traffic-lights-still-blinking hour
If you dare with me
Pick up the grain of sand that represents some hope
Place it in a place not far
With goal to keep belief’s door 
Make the wish that others see to do the same 
Tomorrow, tonight you’ll say,
Invite the ocean

Storied Smile

Mr. Great, Mr. Great
I must touch your teeth
They have stories, such great stories
I’ll tempt them to tell

I have secrets, secret secrets
And a contagious splash
See here This Thing, This Shiny Thing
I’ll force your smile yet