Still Be

Stepped outside
It’s still enough
To allow me
My fragility

Impatiens still patient
Street lights still willing
At this hour
This darker season
Giving to me

Calm in my craze
Righted in this firmament
Glad for Sun and for Moon


As my eyes burn from the lies of you, I properly sip my coffee, I wait, watching the heat of the Day take its toll, telling the truth you will not say despite that You see, I see, We see, the shingles cracking, the black tar melting, the ol’ roof caving in on itself and the stupid birds calling this hole home.

Dirt And Love

Oh the pesky road
Upon which blessings oft’ times travel
From God’s hand to mine.

If permitted,
Would I choose
To without toil
Dance with the desires of my heart?

I say no
And have learned
Drinking with dirty knees
Of the grapes from tough terroir
Suits me well

For I
Am most grateful
And quenched
When my hands
Are perfumed with the scent
Of Heaven and Elsewhere