What if my blink lasts an extra beat more
Unintended, I cannot explain

What if while this, my inhale I implore
Is reality seeking to feign?

Gravity, come, take your match by the hand
Ether has waited for this

Fluttering eyes, staccato breath
So much words culminate in a kiss


I can do this too, hold on

When the weather turns

Watch in awe


In wonderment, listen

At the end of the frayed, weeknight rope

I can remember the first days of Spring

Out of sheer will

I will recreate

The green

The youth

The primrose, if I choose

Sudden Stops

Not through dark glasses 
Will I look toward 
The brilliance of you
That fiery-blue that explodes from that you
From where when I let you come home, I opened the door
To distraction, destruction, the building back up 
The giving of pause, the noticing all
I let you let me see
Without Caution