Come Truer

We didn’t want to know her
We wanted to be her
Certain we were her, we danced
Amidst the flames of our heart, we danced

Weaving, as dreamers do
Our story with yours
We picked up the pen
With aching hands, but ink anew

We stayed still, in Once-Upon-a-Time fashion
Hoping to make the one day we’d meet
The happy afterall
Come truer

In Uppercase

Write their names in the sky
In blue and gold, forever scar the clouds
Let Them Believe
For when they believe you believe
They will seek all they are
And with an eagle’s eyes

Pick up Hope’s pen

Morning Cool 

I heard thunder
Saw it
Had nowhere to go
I walked West and passed
Asian Lillies
Buildings with crumbling brick facades 
Chain-link barriers rusted
Under which rabbits
Long since bored their way 
Damned alleyways
Not a pen to be found to spell out the sound
So thunder spoke no more
I was cooled 


If I 
Must feel but
Stay silent outside
With wide eyes
With fine heart 
And pen for my sword 
Will you

If you 
Must come but
With honor toward me
Stay farther
Stay shorter
And slay me no more
Will you