Subject Yourself

We give credit to the artists,
and we know that’s credit due.
Tho’ what would spark her, catch his eye
if not for the subject, you?

You’re her sun or you’re his sky,
or the trees, the bees, the view.
You’re the contrasts, the forgiveness,
or the love, the hope, what’s true.

Just how often do you wonder
“To myself, ought I be true?
Feel my fun, my fear, my courage,
show my texture, sing the blues?”

Step up then, to a big, bold “Yes!”
Vulnerability’s the key.
Let the artists find your masterpiece
and highlight it for all to see.


Art Credit: “You Rise Above the World” Richard Taylor; Milwaukee River Walk, Milwaukee, WI

Original Thought Credit: “…to thine own self be true.” William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”