I must only conclude ’twas a dream
The looking through crowded glass
Seeing what I wanted to see 
I must tell you, be careful 
When you dare look out there
And do dare, but do so

Upon Reflection

Hide me, I demand it!
The day has been too loud.
The music was not pretty,
The minutes, rarely proud.

A heap-pile in the corner.
A room without a friend.
Hide me, I demand it.
I’ll rest and rise again.


Why am I out of breath,
You bastard from out of the depth?
What say you, that I’m strung out,
You potion that does confound?
Where remove my sandals, I’d kneel,
You place that I pray cease to feel. 


Come, world
Come crashing down
Just as you have threatened

While we stand up straight

Just as we have prepared
Come watch our audacious dance
Come, world 


No heart involved
It is the skin
It is the thick and the tender
That the blind won’t abide
That the visionary won’t avoid 
The rough and the soft
The sweat, the tears, the blood
Which ought run free
Which prove the day-in and day-out
To beautify that veneer
To strengthen the hearts involved