Sunshine Peak

Once a mountain there was
And a woman most worthy
As any woman is

Taking aim, then falling away
With purposeful looking
Set sight on a different mountain

On being a different woman
And she is allowed
As any woman is


Throw me over as an anchor
First, untether me
Cast aside this castaway

Abandon me afterall
To my turmoil, my need
So that you would sail

And should we meet
As ghost-ships might?
May it be as passing

Data Points

Sitting nicely in her exam room
Obligatory questions asked of me
And didn’t I have to lie
Leave the crying out loud for the inside?

For, one’s home is her castle
One’s heart is the treasure
Her smile, sacred

Didn’t I have to lie
I, her patient patient


I believed, I believe, in you. I touched the edges of the shadow of you that I found myself in.

I knew, I know, you’re on purpose. I was promised a plan and your arms just so happened to reach ‘neath my path.

I wanted, I want, to walk onward. I treasure the somehow-spilled-from-you pieces as I journey.


Remain Nameless

Will you let it go
‘Though I grasp steadfast

Will you take your gut to task
Grit your teeth
Tell yourself, Enough! I’ve won!

Will you entertain my fear
Smell my blood
Hear my defeat loud and clear?

Will you let me lose
Less than I deserve

Lisa Mae II

The Earth
Was never going to rip itself from under you
Nor was the Air ever planning
To flee from your lungs

You weren’t waiting for the Universe
And all it’s never going to tell you 
To telegraph you
Were you?

What, just what more
Do you need your perfect eyes
Asymmetric emeralds
To see