p.s., I’m OK

I waited a lifetime to be lied to by you
To be held close and told I was always the one
My hat’s off to you, for you studied me well
Alone, and again abused, by my best friend

Forgive me, My Love, but I am slow to learn
This was all a mistake, surely you’ll come to say
I’ve been holding my breath, certain you will return
Does the Universe want me to stop waiting, Dear?


Brought your A-game, the victory, yours
Punted away the ball, nothing to lose?

Found a penny, pockets so full
Left it laying to corrode, not worth wishing upon?

Rose, like no other, name you dreamed of
Loved with abandon, but for her thorns?

Find you she will, she who’s your own
Knot unending, what prayer will find you?

Fired Up

You’ve mistaken me
Forgotten I’d told you

My childhood day-to-days fuel me still
Hope beyond reason
Vision despite the midnight blue
These ever-present gifts to me

I’ve years to your Days
In your all-knowing, understand this

You’ve nothing to give
That I haven’t got


The sliver of time before I became tragic
Was it a wicked serpent’s word
Some desired autonomy
This devotion to husband and child?

Think with me honestly
What of heart’s protracted pain
Is my sweet apple affinity
My downfall?

Once Upon a We

Never mind the what-you-thoughts
Heralding your head’s blessed energies

Let dance to freedom on blackbird wing
Every “Why?” upon your lips

Will you listen with unmeasured courage
And stay, as cello notes, when doubt encircles you?

Real Live

What man, after all, needs to glance up from bed and find gauze curtains with crochet flowers blocking the morning light

When is there any right time to feel the frustration of taking to task offspring, not his own

Why, I ask, would he ask for the bounty of trouble, help, and honest beauty She brings to the table, when there’s plenty of “elseness” on his plate

Who’d wish for a real-live helpmate when the workshed walls are already perfectly papered with such willing hands

Where is there any avenue he’d daydream for a walk, anyway

Oh, love

In You

They were both tall and brunette
And, also like me, with child(ren)

Gentle in purpose, were we
We three moved through our space with womanly grace

Believing and knowing life was bigger than us
And yet, still, we seemed bigger than life

That day I felt my foot slip, I stumbled so slightly
My sister in her mind, offered assistance to me

She and I noticed your absence of hand
Upon her, the higher, we felt your eyes land

What was it, we wondered, you’d hoped to achieve
Moving your heart from the woman who’d believed

In you

Bad Fantasy

What the dust

My front doorstep littered
In layers of bravado, force-fields
And might

As if the guardians decided
My heart, prone to thieving
Had stolen their swords
Then taken their jobs

So they quietly left in the night?