The Ask

I know what I want
Should I first ask to depose the light?

Let it chase me round and round
Me — play hard to get?

But at this point in human history
For what purpose?

With time unubiquitous
If not now, when?

With stars and firmament acting finite
To what end?


I met you
Through some avenue
In a trip around the sun
That always seems to shine on time

On a whim
Light of my nine lives
For what purpose is certain

To Walk

I come close to your heart and for me it beats in The Rhythm that eases the doubt that vies for room in mine and what becomes clear but God, who is not at all the tiny god we create to suit our short-sighted purposes and to please our mind’s eye, but instead Who emerges is God who created my heart and your heart, matched them together for glory and gave us a purpose eternal and we enjoy this.

Good Way

I am an appointment
Admittedly one for which you and I
Know not the time or the place
You will show, dear one
On time

On purpose, I am
Not a side-trip or just-passing-through
The destination you charted and planned
You will know my name
With time

The neighborhood, am I!
The where you grew up and longingly miss
The haunt of where you’ve not yet lived
You will call me Home
In time

Stricken With Purpose

What of the bitter
Since I’ve known sweet
When I’ve caused distance
You’ve drawn me near
I cannot unknow
Understanding You’ve giv’n
If there be cracks in cement
We’ll place jewels there
For flowers

Not weeds shall grow here


As that orb of warmth out there
Speak sweetly then
Despite today’s bitter news
Turn your smallest corners


Give a purposeful gift
Bringing brilliance
Urgent illumination
To other creation 

And I will too

Rhythmic March

In your rhythmic March
I watch you walk
With then against 
The pull of the pre-dawn wind
And I wonder whether you feel

It is worth it

What consumes you 
Now is cold, this Day
If the glass and girders 
Keep you for a time 
Then afterwards, what else

Claim what will count

Would that comes always 
Always and ever
The consuming fire
And you brandish a flame
In your rhythmic March