So to spend a moment more
Without rolled up sleeves
Starving the fever of me
Indulging the ever empty

There lies the answer 
Evoking so much
Here stays the question 
I’m warned to not ask

To be

You on the savanna not in khaki 

Bygone-era flashgun held high at high-noon

Since you know there’s more than meets the eye

A yellow hat, but not exactly

Irritatingly inhuman level of patience for them

Misplaced monkeys beside you

Under the black cloth with you now

Looking for the simple

Feathers and Lilies

It is well before dawn and the quiet inside 
The foreign and air-starved loud quiet inside
Finds me silently searching the strangest of voids
Where a grasp I despise sends me straight to my knees
And I’m told to not care for the question at hand

Or ask it in vain to the emptiest ears
Won’t the day come