The Nile

I’m thinking
You already know
I already know
You’re thinking

You’re wishing away
I already denied
You already denied
I wish away

Given all we think
What we know
Despite all we wish
What we deny
I cost too much

Ping Cha-Ching

I can not hold your hand in public
I can only kiss you in the dark
I will want or must take you now
I will not risk my reputation for you
I wanted a supermodel
I wanted a life without the angst of you
I turn on you and bleed ink onto paper
I turn a buck off your stopped heart


And then when dusk becomes inevitable
Denial becomes plain as day
Admit it we must
There are words that won’t be uttered
Tones of voice reserved for others 
Questions never to be asked

Surprises fade into midnight’s nothingness

Final Breeze

I have love
For the sunrise
Of a place I’ve never seen
A place that doesn’t know my eyes exist
But believes they must

It must be enough that I wake daily 
With the vision of my beloved 
And not the warmth
When I feel the final breeze
I want none other light in my eyes