Be the Giant

Will you mind, God
If I slam the door
On the life before
Will your ears think me discourteous
Given the paths you let me trod?

I’ve such grasping hands
Wrapped ’round the doorknob
Brass-cold but so familiar
I must let it patina, I know
And find my way to other lands



I don't know a bigger prize
Awaits behind the scenes
As I clutch and hold fast to
Blessings you've 'fore bestowed
But you have asked
That I let go and trod holiest trails
The hour seem near
I will not fight
Walk with me down this road

Lisa Mae II

The Earth
Was never going to rip itself from under you
Nor was the Air ever planning
To flee from your lungs

You weren’t waiting for the Universe
And all it’s never going to tell you 
To telegraph you
Were you?

What, just what more
Do you need your perfect eyes
Asymmetric emeralds
To see

Sinew’s Counsel

Does your heart muscle remember
How it let go

Do you recollect
Those times you’ve freely relinquished
Or not wanting to release, did as much?

Account here your every sinew’s wisdom
Every neuron’s path

There is more of this road to trod
Hellish and unrelenting 
Only hope will walk it

And I see footprints 
But are they my own, making headway

Falling back 
I welcome your words

Teach my ears, my eyes, my fingers, my heart
How to let go

Go Fly

If I 
At the ocean
Awakened at last 
From the stagnant, salty air
Did then
Cut loose and blessed
A once-tethered
Prismatic princess
Would the gods of wind and sea
Worship me


To tip-toe eternal I am able
Though are you not bored with this gentle dance
Have you not tired of the dusty curtain calls
Or watched enough of me in the wings
Can I not come crashing through
And at your feet petition truth
I recall tenderness I could not have imagined
I pray and I trust you are warm with mercy
Where have I spent these years
Will the rest be so cold

Date Unknown 

 Hold me
With the intensity
That you’d otherwise shed your own blood

I’ll hold you
Absorb it
Then exhale out the flame that calms you

Our kiss
Tuesday, June some day, some year

Photo: looking East to frozen sunrise; Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, WI