No One Told Her No 

I saw her there, waiting for ice cream
On a hot July afternoon
Two tiger lillies tucked behind her ear
Live and larger than life 
I expected honey bees might encircle her 
No one told her no
No you cannot wear flowers so large
Not behind that ear, at least
So orange
So alive

She’d not have heard anyway

She seemed otherwise timid and small
Waiting for butter pecan
An intended respite from the heat
No wonder that not long thereafter
The cumulus clouds
Which mimicked her blooms
Bursting forth their relief
Her relief
Our relief


Late Sun Day 

Bring me long shadows
Unorchestrated, lingering glee

Wait while I watch us all exhale
Healed now from last week’s barrage 

Listen with me, will you?
The fight-song building 

Gather up we, the sun-spilled relief
Before we march again 

comes good

why this day remember back

why see it sealed in history’s white book

when fire and oil must’ve met?

the first time the light streak heard its thunderous voice 

no -the unexpected, accidental, fated brush which brought blush

then quiet laughter and hard tears at the relief of it all