Ante Meridiem Musings

How dare I contrast
Or compare

The gorgeous rhythm of rain
Upon this corner of the world
Stirring my morningtimes now

With predawn’s blessed birdsong
Celebrating a coming sun
Inspiring my risings back then

Have they not both awakened me


I’m trusting you to make sense of all this
To put a rhythm to what you see

That’s my gift to you

Find your voice
Your meaning
Keep the hope that all will come alive

That’s your gift to me

Such steps will be as dancing
Call it collaboration

What You Seek

How will you find it 
Where will you go
It’s not just outside of that door
It’s not in the sing-song 
The hoping to belong
You won’t find it pacing the floor 

I suspect but don’t know
It’s there for receiving
If all at once we take a breath
Take one step then the next
To rewrite the old text
And treat it like it’s life or death