X Y Zenith

Just this one more line
Just this one more time
But I would have drowned

If you’d meant to change
If it were the day
Strength you should have found

Boundaries are most real
Boundaries helped me heal
Cross none sacred ground

Beauty to Behold

I give props to the parts of me that suffered through some things

I can still bring my game, despite all transition brings

For, both void and abundance create a most-sacred space

I’m a beauty to behold as I move with mid-life grace


Rings out year after forlorn year
From space, that sacred place
So I stay mourning

Yet, I send signals
Probes, seeking life
To every corner
This curious heart and mind must

I know it’s name, oh, but it’s heart
Darkened for what reason
‘Tis unknown to me


Sacred space, take me back
Spare me from such wav’ring souls

Protected, I, despite the spears
Higher there than daggers after me


Hardwood floors, art-deco skies
Resonate my clicking heels

Close these eyes to all I wish
Airy space, take me back

Rolled Shirt Sleeves

Where white silk has never been worn
Nor promises ever spilled forth
No petals tossed up in good sport

None troubadours have set the scene 
No busy-ers to plan the dream
The path forth untrodden and green

With eyes that see sacred in place
Beside Love’s Best Fly-ing Ace
The air with my oath I’ll then grace