Divine Self

Certain and truthful
Your divine self
Not a deity
But still so damn divine
Super and powerful

And superpower filled

Finally and fiercely
Shall step in
Save the day and declare
You’re an unwounded warrior
Don’t you know?


We each do need to save ourselves

To move through

To move on, if we’re lucky

This picture
This paint, these colors, peeling
Won’t always be adhered to this wall

This wall won’t always be

Talk to me and I’ll talk to you
Scream if you need to

I sometimes do

Alone, on our own, for now
But someday we’ll talk with eachother

It’s what the sage says


Sacred space, take me back
Spare me from such wav’ring souls

Protected, I, despite the spears
Higher there than daggers after me


Hardwood floors, art-deco skies
Resonate my clicking heels

Close these eyes to all I wish
Airy space, take me back


I decorated myself with you
Reached, but in no way grasped

Sprinkled you about me
Without the care whether or where

You landed
Beautifully, making a mess

Twice, I was asked incredulously
Is this safe



 I’m sorry never seems precise

When the sunrise fades too quickly

Into the waiting arms of 6:38am clouds

I will not so utter the words

Or promise tomorrow will be better 

For I know the brilliant was glad for today

And that I was awake to see it at all