Beam Reach Baby

There’ll be no solemn song
No “Hey, you hero of mine!”
Wind beneath their wings you were
Relegate of eagle shadow
Beautiful, smile…hide your pain

Fore-and-aft, you’ll flutter about
Oh, love! How you’ll luff
Teardrop-shaped, yet foil-less
All this windy day is wind
The ocean of you, they showboat atop

Sullivan Sailed 

He blinked
Lifted his eyes to the skies
Cast them down
And jumped ship 
So she would save him

She cool waters
Buoyed up hope
Smoothed the rocky shores
And slowed to a walk
So he would catch her

One dreamed this
Called by unspoken voices
Imagined as they were
And Sullivan sailed
So as to prove it 


The water most blue
And the wake so gentle

As the fabled ghost, now untied, makes its way away, away

The confused and seasick struggles to fix a gaze
With a hope that makes legends prove true