Great Work

Mathematician, my friend
My sage alchemist
Tabulate the many minutes
The mystic-filled chances, made of pure gold
In all of the days, but keenly, the nights
That you’ve left my clean heart alone
Moments ago, you were more than this
Now, I’ve run the table
I own what you seek
Knowledge, my darling, to cast my own crown
Black diamonds
My secret

The Fly

I prefer my quicker shutter
When lumbering around downtown
Up town, and out of town

These nouns all move
So fast
So fancy, in the vast

I can be about
Without being found out
With my quicker shutter


Be the well thought of one
Slander thought leaders in secret

Be the voice of reason
Poison the voice in their heads

Be the beautiful one
Tear down their beauty when no one is looking 

Be invincible 
Make them invisible