At Heart

As a child, earnest
As a late-day water lily bloom
As a hopeless romantic

Thrive despite the shallow
Give the coolest shelter
Live to love and fight

To be free from such rules
To grow in the coming dark
To rise from it all each day

High Point

I swear the squirrel
Said make no sound
And followed her own advice

Having the choice
Of shade or sun
Opted for lowly and nice

Still she travelled
And got where she hoped to be

I own peanuts
I’ll share with her
Since she shares wisdom with me

living also

Diseased or dormant
Standing sedentary
Feeling as an aside
You close your eyes
And think
For what purpose
Close them a beat longer 
And know
For shade from oppression
A homebase for weary wings
The very air
And nourishment to live another day
Yes, we’re all dying 
But like you, living also


Once I reach the top

I’d decided 

I’d trek another hill of sorts

I’d seek what ever shade was thrown

I’d not care of the noise or thorns or weeds

I’d stop to inspect flowers, picking up discarded things

Once I was discarded