Steel Me

Wherever is my friend
Magnolia tree in her front yard

Alternating flecks of shade ‘n sun
Upon my weakened shoulders

As I walk under it and set a spell
A good cry comes

A goodbye cry, finally
To all the disease now felled

Pardon Me

Shadow work to do now

Let’s face it — I didn’t care
I did, and then…I didn’t

I do — or it’s possible, I don’t

Tell me what you think, and don’t hold back

We can’t stay here forever
For fuck’s sake, why would we want to?

Who isn’t ready, at this point, for some great and epic adventure!


Tell me

This is my prayer, my petition
My pardon


For it is with the deepest pride I make a mess of things

I stink up the kitchen most fierce and pull out all the stops

Innocent ingredients -seemingly so- I’d have to say

Or at least to some they’d be, depending upon one’s appetite

I do this with delight, sometime near sundown each day

All to keep the Vampire away

The blanks

To live in the dark shadows
At the soft end of the long, hard day

To lay in the calm 
Of the exposed, rocky underside

To linger forever
Tho’ the shoulders beg for home sweet home

To learn, though blinded
To be found in the lost of it all