As light on eagle’s wings

You and I shone no more alone

Us, a part

Of one grand lumen

A candelabra

An abracadabra

Were we


Separated particles now

Conjuring ended

Never again to sense

Green and feathery fingertips

Glow gone

Darkness in your midst

Did I reach you

Art Credit: Tiger R., age 11


Remind me to love, Lord
One ear up to all the world

One myopic eye
Just one
To all that ails me

Give me You
A curiosity-cocked mind
To learn just what is their need

Light to shine, that all feel seen
Many comforts and time to share


That cocoon
It seems small
But with promise it shines
Since you seek, you’ll find room for your wings

Each blue moon
Back you’ll crawl
It means nothing at all
Take a time, ponder up all these things


Everything. The shiny,
The hot, the wishing for warmth
And that pilot’s still circling

Not caring for landing field light 
Or the heat of home afterall 
But circling 

Higher and away
As if captaining a star flight
Upon which I can only draft 


 I was lost
When I looked up
I uttered something I don’t remember
I know I said that before
But I’d forgotten 
They were there
Reaching out
All along 
And they will be
Showing me 

Art Credit: “Snowy Day” by Tiger R., age 7

Hang On And Shine

Sugar was talking
Then I awoke
Long since removed from my coffee
It speaks to me now while I sleep
As I played in my dream
Running my fingers through its grit
In a commanding twang
It told me 
Hang on and shine 
Sugar I’ll never let go