I braved the elements for you
Chill and loneliness barefoot
Shoulders faint, but unafraid

Shield extended to cover you

Hunter and warrior I’ve been
Provider, defender I’ll be
Our roles reversed

Sacrificing me
You self-destructed a time ago
Your supernova has felled thee


It’s just my shoulder

There’s nothing inherently beautiful or strong, tempting or freeing

Cool or calm about it, is there?

It’s just an offer

There’re billions of others to stand square with, befriend or lean on

Swoon over or serve with, aren’t there?

Rainbow Curve

 ‘Tis half the battle
To have the notion
To tell your name
And to explain
How your feet found hers
Make your gaze meet
Inquire of her time
Guess aloud her name
She wishes your shoulder
She’ll give you her world