And All The People Said

Let the sounds in — all of them!

Have them ramble around, bouncing off the humidity-coated walls

See which ones bust through stop signs and find rhythm with bird songs

Find which ones look like quiet conviction and calls to action

Then mull about together, dialogue, and make sense of this world with them

Create order from disorder and call it good again

At the end of the day, we must

I See

This morning, it seems, these eyes sting of defeat

“Look harder,” the stormy air asks
“See clearly the calm, the victory now, here for the weary faithful.”

It was passive perhaps, to remain on the mat
Yet, that was The Way, way back then

Voracity and patience, be purposeful now
That the challenge of hope, the determined eyes
Shall be the reward, the brass ring

Just pick up your mat
Just see

In Sight

Searching one day
Inward to learn
To finally find
That I favored orange
And spice
And softness after all

Overnight -treasure!
To outward know
I’ll still seek
Through the seeming black
For not cinnamon
For clove perhaps


Cottontail Cottontail 
Just where are you off to
I’m the leader of the pack of one
Who will track you

Darting from the underbrush 
What did you have to fear
Stroked my curiosity 
To learn what your ears hear

Now the journey’s on my sweet
Give chase to my sinew 
Your re-fu-sal for fits and starts
Sets my re-solve anew