Sugar, speak

Speak aloud to the ghosts
On this journey, with you from an infant thing

You know they know you
They’ll believe you

Have no fear
For it’s rest you’ll find
In them

And laughter, then silence

Look for me

Bring us back to life

From Defeat

From a place of respect
From defeat

Not yet ready for the early morning lack
The streets still littered with the chaos that ensued
I close the door

From the other side
I ask, To Whom can I turn

He tells me Yes, and shepherds me to sunlight


I’ve come to decide

From necessity

The crickets’ cry of silence means

I’ve left my beloveds speechless

In the very best way possible

Stunned, like they’d just seen a light

Its source before now unknown

And decisions of whether to fear

Or to collaborate

Are yet unprocessed

Nervous Tics

I’d never ask you to be invisible with me.
The impossibility of it.
Though, I sometimes summon you silently, then think better of speaking aloud.
But we both hear me, don’t we?
We both know it ends there.
For your magic is more.
Different than my magic is.
You make the good appear.
I make the bad go away.


my voice evidenced
the most beautiful of white billowing
powered beyond the universe
since you decided never
now i sing of raindrops
silent, steady-falling


You In Mind

Once over her threshold
There was none of the fanciful 
Nothing intricate evident 
You thought

You’d expected to find woven, sugary things
Designed with you in mind
To draw your eye and the rest of you
Toward her

You’d hoped to see open, airy spaces
Undefined and to your liking
That you’d envision yourself there
For good

How shocking the sole, dusty cobweb 
Strewn and hiding across the ceiling
The boxes of dreams on bookshelves and….
The bed

Such horror the shut-tight windows 
Shushing provocative talk 
The exotic stashed away in drawers
The hollow 

Had you not left, but lingered 
With utmost courage, stayed to dig, to see
What permanence revealed, what life!
What joy