Soft elbows have always been
Part of the body I live in

It means I can’t deflect cruelty
Off any sharp angles on me

For there are none, not one
The effects, I have absorbed them

I am the same as then
The rosette of a girl I’ve always been

My freshly shampooed hair, towel-wrapped
Willingly given to cover a friends’ back

The harsh temps will have not changed me
Soft elbows I will always be


In Sight

Searching one day
Inward to learn
To finally find
That I favored orange
And spice
And softness after all

Overnight -treasure!
To outward know
I’ll still seek
Through the seeming black
For not cinnamon
For clove perhaps

Still, Soft Search

Four corners I’ve found
Flat, hard, sharp, square
I dig in, grasping, despite the glare
It would appear
It is for naught 
And not my style
I let go, hoping, because the song 
The world must be softer than this

Electric Still

I slid into the city from the valley and

Saw then felt the flash of who I am

Now and 

All those years ago

I am electric and

I make mountains offer dares

They hope I’ll accept 

But don’t believe I will

Unknowingly I do and 

I did

It rained warm on me there

I smelled ozone and

Stared at the tallest peak hoping

For one more dare

I left with my eyes down

Electric still

Then looking East

My Fins Feel Fine

You should see me.
Soft, hard.
Curved, chiseled.
Synchronized swimming in hope.

If the last time around today, you said “I’ve loved you,” forgive that I did not hear the splash of you landing next to me. 
I apologize for the poison in my ears and beg your pardon for the lead in my lungs.

These days are funny to me.
As I learn how to float, I mimic the small frys and water bugs frolicking around me. 

These days are strange to me.
As I strengthen my kick, I feel the distant hands of Some Kind Of Sea Creature softly holding my back.

My fins feel fine and you should see me.