So shallow sun
You’re on your way, I see
I, unwittingly lingering at the South end of the street,
Noticed you
And remembered, too
The promise of That December day
Also on its way
Whence I became oh-so-able to endure your tallest morning shadows


These thoughts circle ’round
Not quite coming home until
More precisely
Rustled in 
By a dutiful cattle shepherd or the gravitational pull
Of intuition initially dismissed

But that dog in the dust 
He knew 
What I didn’t want to know, I knew
And that summer solstice 
Which is never late
Saw me bow to its truth


The caravan lurched to a halt
We fling open the door to the night
And laugh looking back
Veils whipping in the warm quiet
Lock-step, foreheads forward
Through sand and scorpion
Drawn, we touch 
The star-dusted moment in space
Where you tore time