I have thrown after hope
That day might be anew

Under the microscope
Through the telescope
Yet not to the naked eye
Indeed it has
It is

Crisp, though unbleached
Comfortable, too
With a new song
In a language
I will struggle to learn, I will

Peaceful Poem

People have promised me
Twice today
With all the confidence
Of the heart of a child
With all the solemnity 
Of an old-fashioned hymn sung in unison
Everything will be
As everything ought

People, I promise you, too

Radio Off

I like others
The way they can sing
About their love
Of another
Don’t stop

I like the voice
In my head, and its pitch-perfect
Singing about
No one and everyone 
It won’t stop

Fool’s Song

It reads as a song

The answers owed
Yet never forthcoming

The questions looming
That only the ghosts entertain 

The life, the life, the life
Before, now, ahead, that must be to blame

All this you’ll never know
The cheapest of tricks

And  someone is singing

Instrumental Song

Lyrics be damned I guess
If for you the sacrifice is sleep 
O’er too-tight heartstrings
Played fast and loose
To appease just you

Words take your leave
Let’s let slumber
Form rhyme, fuse rhythm
Slow but certain
Without the sound of you