Some gravitational pull
Or easterly mysticism
Compelled my travels

I had to go to Planet X today

What promised to be a meditative thing
Instead left me

I, now with mere baubles and defunct space junk

Re-entry burned me
The landing gave me new perspective
The Earth is indeed flat
Love is always light-years away

There’s no cadence to this


Sacred space, take me back
Spare me from such wav’ring souls

Protected, I, despite the spears
Higher there than daggers after me


Hardwood floors, art-deco skies
Resonate my clicking heels

Close these eyes to all I wish
Airy space, take me back

Celestial Bear

My soulmate constellation
The big deal in the sky, to me

Oh, how you rocked my statuesque space

And, more so, mocked me

Be there any hour, any hemisphere
That might set fixed these spinning bodies?


That game

Of Life

I won

Back in late 1980-something

Which was

To be

For fun

You turned into a federal offense

Hear this

My rules

You’re done

You can no longer share My life

My time

Or be

My Sun

Mormon Row

With grateful paintbrush in hand, I am leaving space for you

A beautiful a background, careful, I capture the sun

Find now open an area broad enough and close enough to the sky

That your shoulders might fit and comfortably give rest to what is

I know not the shape of you, tho’ your colors, you’ve made clear

Bright-dark weathered patina that complements my tempest greens

Vivid chards of amber to offset my mountainous blues

Your easy frame an open window, a willing respite

Fighting your way, straight to the foreground of me, for me

Withstanding, will they find us, the very wildest of climes


So many sitting side by side
It feels old
Go over there
We will steal chances
To see the whole of the other
From time to time weave to and fro’
And I will watch 
The work of you
The seeds that sow from you 
Say that to me 

Play There

Make a place for play there 
Surround it with see-through walls
With Welcome signs
For the range of races
And good games to share there 

Take time together there
Enveloped in everlasting stories
With marching little men
For the giggling of girls
And making moments long there