Sugar, speak

Speak aloud to the ghosts
On this journey, with you from an infant thing

You know they know you
They’ll believe you

Have no fear
For it’s rest you’ll find
In them

And laughter, then silence

Look for me

Bring us back to life


Call her unkind, the Collie

Barking at the neighbor lady painting her garage in her pajamas

But, may I translate?

“You there, Sis,” (it’s how the cool girls talk)

“Good morning, and for God’s sake, how long’s it been? How many seasons, since you thought to come out here and throw some color around? Those Days you were gone didn’t deserve you…paintbrush and passion put away.”

Given the dog’s sixth/sense, she knew what the lady’d replied, “un-aloud.”

“First of all, it has been cold, and my hands were shaking. And, countenance and confidence shattered, how could I breathe, much less beautify?”

“And secondly…?” The pooch -amused- persisted.

“Secondly,” the artist offered, “those Days that did not deserve me? Like rungs of a ladder, under my feet they are now. Nevertheless, here am I, despite the cold. Good day, Collie.”

Walking away, back to shade’s solace, the canine’s congratulatory caution, “What, with your whimsy and will, and wonder and wit, the cold may try steal you the morrow.”

He Said To Me

I need to move

from Earth

I need to make space

as if I were a creator

or creative, of some sort

I need to mark

from Intention

I need to mean something

as if they’d someday speak

Or marvel, of the firmament

Point On The Globe

Meet me here, this point on the globe, to see what we must see

There is a hill, there is a kiss, and an eye color I need to prove

On that certain uncertain sidewalk, you seemed as a giant then

In need of you, but I, with no mind to know or mouth to speak

Say our peace now, lest forces drive us our separate ways

Bring your hearted treasures -I’ll save them with you, this time

And so it is today, yet more, to hold a whole lifetime again


Will you be there for me?
You will be there for me.

Will you know what to say?
You will know what to say.

Will you Listen to me?
With your ear to my heart.

In the dark, what of that?
You will reflect my light.

When I hope, may we meet?
You are Hope embodied.