Steel & Glass

Hold fast to speed
With horse-powered heart of cold, hard steel
That feeds the oats my hand cannot

Fall sleeping, glassy-eyed
A plasma world upon a wall I cannot penetrate
That feeds fairytales, as my feet live actually


It is as if

When laying on the grass

Face to the sky

Which we all do

We see high noon through one eye

And midnight through the other

Which we all don’t

Bright then Dark

Breakneck speed

It is enough


The natural
Not phased and not afraid
To return again and again 
From whence you came
With all Godspeed 
As if you don’t mind the taste of dust at all 


I think 
I’d confuse you

My language is littered
With double-negatives
I do it
To keep my mind on its toes 

And my toes 
Stumble strangely 
You wouldn’t expect it 
Given my outward grace

I’ve seen you move
With the speed of lightning 
But I’m slow
To put things where they belong 

I’d confound you
I don’t know why I wouldn’t 

lunatic phase

 Is it the moon 
In lunatic phase
Or perfect genetics within
That forces your hand 
And tells you to tear
All that covers your skin

As life asks your heart
To keep looking far
Your feet will soon learn to keep pace
You’re promised, my love
All that shines above
Forever will seek your raised face