Somebody tell that man there are only so many starlit nights we’re allowed, that the sands of time won’t stop collecting around my ankles, that I’m beginning to believe that Stardust is my maiden-voyage name, and that surely I will soon sink in this sea….

We and I

How many closets did we crawl into

How many midnights awakened

By an ever-fixed, screaming star

And I, another day older

No closer still, no more able

To take us away from the chaos

Carelessly strewn about the sky

We were forced to live under

But there we were

Closet door and mouths closed tight

Waiting for morning to come

And I, another day older



Smack-dab in the middle

First though
The trace of lines
Then of curves
Then lines again
The look down finally
Hoping you were too
Star struck 


The caravan lurched to a halt
We fling open the door to the night
And laugh looking back
Veils whipping in the warm quiet
Lock-step, foreheads forward
Through sand and scorpion
Drawn, we touch 
The star-dusted moment in space
Where you tore time