Just Sunshine

I am told of a song worth singing

That the curveball I ought throw life, in perfect pitch, sounds something like this:

“I’m gonna love you like no one has hurt me
I’ve known just sunshine
Wild imagination, deeply invested
Forever, we’re fine”

This, the lore, these sage storytellers I keep company with implore I believe that

A song I must sing, I am told

Original Thought Credit: “Come Rain or Come Shine;” Music and lyrics by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer, respectively.


If there be a legacy
Decidedly mine will be
Silver not white, though all it’s worth
Afro-bold, in spirit, for, I’ll keep good company

Down with brushing shifting shoulders at all times, Day or Night
Upswept, if it serves a proper purpose

Shouts The Story everyday

If thinning it becomes in my end days
May it be that others gathered to pass on the baton
Queens that came before me, know this: You did your job

Come Truer

We didn’t want to know her
We wanted to be her
Certain we were her, we danced
Amidst the flames of our heart, we danced

Weaving, as dreamers do
Our story with yours
We picked up the pen
With aching hands, but ink anew

We stayed still, in Once-Upon-a-Time fashion
Hoping to make the one day we’d meet
The happy afterall
Come truer


I’ll pretend I don’t know nothin’
You pretend you’ll set me straight
That somehow I’ll know somethin’

You were bid down under
To be taken down under
And be taken with the down under

Only to emerge
Having seen the tapestry
From below and above, in full

You were chosen to taste fear
To digest metal
That your feet would seek magnetic North

I, the storyteller in training
You, the epic tale
We, one mind, two hemispheres


On the way to midnight
Honestly aren't you tired

The hair on her
The mess on him
The should have knowns and unknowns
The old film reels replay

All the while they don't care
They smile
One dimensional grins
As your epic fizzles
And fades to black


A circuit broken
It must be
For I am funny
Please hear me

A heartstring missing
Within you
Why does my beauty
Fault your view

A shallow moment
You indulged
Became a chasm
That engulfed

A too-late goodbye
As you wish
But in my memory
Our first kiss


I remembered I went and read to her
Her Cinderella stories that ruined my mind
But made hers fly

I believed 
My presence, my words, my faith
Held power

I was taught to believe,
And I damn well believed
Their poison would bring her back

She’d remember 
Wake up
And fly back to me

A whisper to me in the mid of Night
Made my feet fly

I believed
I knew that this faith 
Held power

Out the door
To his side
To tell of The story

How we need not fear
He’ll wake up
He’ll fly back to us

In each moment
It is said 
Possibility lives, breathes and flies

I must play The Realist 
And tell the Story
That holds power

You can’t claim
A single truth
Unless you first Believe

To you then, license inures 
Hope wakes up
And flies back to you