X Y Zenith

Just this one more line
Just this one more time
But I would have drowned

If you’d meant to change
If it were the day
Strength you should have found

Boundaries are most real
Boundaries helped me heal
Cross none sacred ground

Fruitful Be

Our story is not final, Yo
Our shame can take a seat
The last train car, in the back row
As Universe defeats

That rusted coupler is removed
By strength of warriors, we
Pain of ten lifetimes is soothed
Healed now, fruitful be

Original Person

We, born strong, a known miracle, believed in our birthright

Demanded what we’d earned

Respect of our hearts

When wolves came around

We’d thought them our friend — having been made from the same dust and all

When their howling happened, tables turned, teeth exposed

We’d respond not in-kind, but with kindness

Hoping hindsight would cause us to laugh

How many more times is unclear

How long before hope would recede, who can know?

And so, we ate the Apple

Believed the serpent, absorbed the poison

Until at some future point, we’d bleed out and walk whole

In the afterlife

We ask, all the more demanding and kind

Please beware our now sharp teeth

My Tell

If I close my eyes
Pasted smile upon my lips
Satan cannot see my tears

If I lock the door
Steal away to pray, midday
He won’t miss me

If in plain sight, I
Pretend an all’s-well walk
He won’t send a delegate my way

If I’m vulnerable
In my superpower song
Satan cannot sing along


Thank you for this window now,
Of thin and vintage time.
The safehouse to set a spell,
The anchored birch, my lean-to.
That I’d be reminded
In these gusty days
There is still
The reaching skyward
And strength to see it.