Aura Again

Swim away back

Into the deep, deep color of you

Wear your aura again

Be breathing


Let loose the back muscles that constrain you

Go deeper to come higher

Think cinematographically all along

Your spirit animal and apex instinct

Cameras rolling, claim it


One Spring sing-song day
I took a risk
I lit a match
I set them words on fire, yeah!
Crazy wasn’t my friend then
But I’m swimmin’ in it now, boy!
It was absolutely Spring
I’d remembered what she said

Function and Form

Maybe I had to fall
Probably I needed the thief
Or the cries of the world
Sound too distant to me

I’m sure my role was to sink 
Made for the dark of the deep
So when at last I ascend
I’ll know to bring others with me


He’s afraid of coming close
She looks too much like him
The same sharp teeth
The same keen nose
The same deliberate swim

She wears scars so visibly
His brother’s constant barbs
They catch his eye
They call his cape
They yet keep him afar 

unnamed well

 What is this like
To profess and proclaim
An adoration
Into a listening nowhere

What do you call that
The certainty swimming
The swirling unknowing
Words on invisible ears

To the unnamed well return
Again and again find it cooled
What is this like
What do you call that