Tea Leaves

on occasion
there was, I recall

With attention
— dare I mention —
to the most primal instinct of all

But love
what of love
thusly, here the poem ends

For one cannot
and one ought not
use, abuse, and pretend


It is a new cup, a blessedly empty cup, staring at me

I thought I knew no thirst

There you stand, eyes upon me too

Teacher, mentor, friend

In full passion

Larger than life’s lessons, thus far

Red-hot tea kettle in one hand

Abundance in the other

And I, with great thirst, indeed, am ready to receive

Blue-Green Bards

I’ll know you because
We drink from the same common-ground cup
Though we take our fair-trade tea differently 
I’ll invite you, you’ll invite me
To some talking-with somewhere
At the table there’ll be all the stories 
All the damn fine stories
The world ought to have wondered about
And with what wonder, they’ll raise their cups and clink and think
Grateful now, for our tales 
Thank-filled, for the truth now 
Not wanting the ado anymore 

Words for Diamonds 

I’ll dare tell you how it feels

Feet kicked up

The late-afternoon sun coming at me

And all is silent since some tree somewhere took down a power line 

I couldn’t be more pleased

If there’ll be no hot water for my tea tonight 

Candlelight and the hope of tomorrow morning’s sun

Dampens any fear I have

Philosophically speaking

An alert cat and my stupid sense of hope

Along with a spirit-sister’s charge

Finds me feeling


The Breeze

Can one celebrate motion
and yet champion calm
Can one take 
and yet still honor love

And yes, speaking of love
how does one take their tea
Black as eve’ 
or with honey, my love

The Vast

 Each day at dawn

May I pour your tea

With increasingly steady hand

Deliver it to you



If I reach up

With fingertip brush the silvery dust of your crown

To my temple



Will you bid me back tomorrow 

when i wake

Some One
in the Kitchen
boiling Water 
Beside me

with a Light on
with a warm Voice
with a Penchant 
for Chai tea 

wanting Details
frOm my dreaming
so to Use them
Against me