Goodness Ocean

I take my leave from those who gaze, idly
Or avert their eyes, altogether

Onward, Ho! To teach!
To share air — and indeed, to breathe!

For I can only learn and grow
Alongside those who will take their turn
Do their worst, and make such noise

To right the wrongs with waves of change
As the Goodness Ocean must


Beauty me up, artist

Swim through my day, my life
Whirlwind ’round the kitchen
In and out each room, each window
Lingering, busying

Leave no ion, yard, or garden of me unchanged

Then when my heart smiles, long last!
Teach me artistry
That I may take the torch

Something Gardens

A sunny day

On this, the fore-edge of Spring

It looks like something good happens here

In this, the place they renamed, “Something Gardens”

Although I see really only billboards and bungalows and bulldozed-over housing projects

And strangely, no gardens

But there is the color and promise upon everyone’s skin

The special sauce in people’s blood

So I become sure

I plan to see the Something Good that happens here -those “Something Gardens” that mean to grow

So I stay and I work

I help

I sow, that someone else may reap

I wait

And I see that I, too, grow


Where might I stand to be sheltered from safety

Danger is dancing on the horizon tonight and I dare you to say whether it’s dawn or twilight

I tell it to teach me the good trails to take

The Secret trails to take

Where, when I weave and travel as danger does now, others stare and plead “take me too”

And if they’ve truly electric in their veins, then I can

We’ll go and we’ll stay 

And we’ll dance 

We’ll teach and we’ll weave 

While we travel

Far East at First

We Cheat Death

Start again.
To breath again
and feel again
then smile again.

Stretch again.
Then ask again
and know again
to help again.

See again.
Next do again
then teach again
and add again.

Don’t fail again
to cry.

Original Thought Credit: “See one, do one, teach one” Unknown