At The Bell

Fling that thing to the Moon
That thing that’s ailing you
Red flags, white flags, too

It’s not a day too soon
Let’s leave crazy to loons
Whose flightiness consumes

Consider this day new
Its call goes out to you
To sing the champion’s tune

Nevermind Girl

Dagger in the river now
Carried away by The stream
And all I need is it to ascend from the depths
And apologize to my wounds

But nevermind girl, nevermind
Today’s wind brought a good day
And those in need are in my backyard, asking
And deserving of my help

His Frame

Sowing seeds
Since the start of time
With perfect will
Your reason and rhyme

Cloaked in love
And high above

Your frame we’ll find
If when we look
At Adam’s side
And your Good Book

Tangled in you 
Our history
Serving truth
Oh please find me

No Place

This isn’t just any journey, is it

Where a global position or place

Will help us know we’re home 

Hand now a part of the heart to the empty space

Where we’d only been ebbing around the edge

Turn and flow fully into this day each day

Tell if that doesn’t feel like home 

The word of a friend