High Point

I swear the squirrel
Said make no sound
And followed her own advice

Having the choice
Of shade or sun
Opted for lowly and nice

Still she travelled
And got where she hoped to be

I own peanuts
I’ll share with her
Since she shares wisdom with me

Jennifer’s Smile

To every her I want to ask
What potion possess you?
What sensibility secures?
How is it when you close your eyes
You sink and smile and sleep
And when you travel two
To foreign lands
How is it you're at Home
Would you have a talk with me
To set my path straight-way
That I would know what you do right
And I did wrong each day


You must travel
Travel you must

To the farthest recesses 
Of courage
To find
A You of your very own 
Linger there then
When will I stay long enough
For there’s More Of Me I must meet